Love and relationships are nothing short of finding the right one that you can spend the rest of your life with, and this is where dating comes into play. We want our lovers to be that one who knows us entirely, who fulfills our wishes and fuel us with desire and passion.
Though the process of finding that one is sometimes lengthy and can be filled with heartaches, it still doesn’t deter us from the sugary coated candy at the end. So what if you are suddenly struck with the life changing decision where the person you feel you’ve been looking for, is that one who you’ve shared your inner most thoughts with? 
Here are the good, bad and ugly of dating your good friend.
You have things in common– Finding similarities between two persons are often difficult, especially in a relationship, since everyone has their own common interest of what they find as FUN. But with a friend, you already enjoy that persons company, and have established activities that you both like and enjoy doing together.
You already know each other’s like and dislikes- You’ve been friends for a very long time. You’ve shared stories, you’ve laughed at the laughed at the same jokes. There is no feeling of trying to cover up the tiny faults you think someone wouldn’t like about you, when you have that first date.
You understand each other’s thoughts- The fact that you are friends for so long, means that you care about each other and consider their feeling as important.
You trust this person- Establishing trust with a stranger is sometimes a hard shell to open up as everyone has their own personal affairs to overcome. Trust is built over time, and with dating someone whom you’ve already developed trust for, will make it easier to concentrate on the relationship since the foundation of what a relationship is built on already exist.
Battling insecurities- Being friends, meant knowing details about each other which might not have shared with the lover of a previous relationship. The times you cried, what was done when you stormed out angry and flustered! The knowledge that a friend has about those reactions can create unnecessary grounds for anxiety.
Having different goals- A relationship survives on both parties having the same expectation and goals. If one thinks the relationship is more serious than the other, then problems can arise.

Establishing romantic chemistry- There is often an awkwardness to transcend from a platonic relationship to a romantic one. This is because you spend time with each other on the grounds of limitation and boundaries which should not be crossed. You have gotten used to each other as friend and it’s easy to slip into old habits and not take the progression seriously.
Breakups- Crossing the threshold of a friendship is scary when you think of the consequences. You can never return to the kind of relationship you had before you both got involved.
There is never a guarantee that any relationship is worth it until you try, but there are often signs to show whether you should venture into a full off relationship. The bonus of dating a friend is that you are already comfortable with each other. But whether it last, will depend on the motives of both parties.


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