when he's not into you
when he’s not into you

Some men will be downright blunt, down to earth and straight forward in letting you know he is not interested in you, whether you have never dated or simply went out a few times. This isn’t to say that you are not a wonderful person with terrific attributes, just that on his list of qualities (and everyone does have a list), all his desires outnumber the quality attributes you possess. This is where he will state to you politely (if he is an honest person) of wanting a platonic relationship. 

Then there are those however, who aren’t so downright straight forward, whether through fear of your reaction or just plain selfish about the advantages in not being straight forward. He will however whether consciously or unconsciously give hints which you’ll catch on to sooner or later. In this article there will be tips on spotting the signs, so you don’t end up in the ‘later’ scenario when he’s not into you and is only being polite.

You are always the conversation ‘starter’

So you’ve been talking to each other for a while whether face to face or via the phone through sms or other means. It seems however that you are always the one engaging him in conversation which he simple just respond to and never initiating one. Though a lot of person’s may not be good at starting a conversation, if you find yourself always initiating one while he is always responding, chances are he is just entertaining you only through politeness.

The Disappearing Act

Say you have been dating or just started dating. You spoke to each other daily then all of a sudden they no longer return your phone calls/sms. You may run into each other on the streets one day or if you are one of those person who tries continuously until he picks up and he makes the excuse of being busy. The key here is to keep alert of his behaviour towards you hence after. No one is too busy to reply with what takes a second for an sms.

Encourages you to date

This is a clear cut sign that he would like you to direct your attention elsewhere and wishes to keep the relationship casual, not caring what you do when he’s not around.

Closed ended promises

Often people make promises to another which they might not be able to fulfil within a given time. But this doesn’t mean that they won’t do so. If you find yourself constantly reminding him about a promise he made which they seem to brush off or make excuses about, adding yet another promise that goes on endlessly without end. If a guy is into you, he generally tries to make you happy and wants to be the one who make you smile.

Always makes plans with you last minute

If you notice that he always calls you up the very day or a few hours before, asking you out because he has tickets for a concert or an event he wishes to go. It is very obvious that whomever he wanted to go with might have bail at that moment. It is a common signs that you are just a backup since he might not want to be out alone.

There are many signs to tell if a guy is not serious about you, these are just a few which I have chosen to point out. A guy that is into you will do things that will let you know that he is interested and you are definitely special to him.


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