The number 1 reason why men brag

bragLet’s get to the grit and grim, the awareness of social interaction between two of earths most vastly distinct creature that could ever live, the female homosapien and their male counterparts. Its long standing within the animal kingdom, that in order to attract a mate, the performance of flashy show offs is usually done by males to prove dominance in being more desirable and forthright irresistible. For men this in turn may result in the typical show off (bragging).

It is by all means an act to make men feel more attractive, more marketable with more meritable qualities than his peers.

What does this mean on a deeper level?

On the scale of highlighting ones proficiencies, bragging is a pseudo-self-esteem booster used to balance the areas a man may feel deficient in some way. Though he may not realise this consciously, subconsciously bragging makes up for a lack they feel by their insecurities, it is a form to cover these shortcomings and build his own self-worth.


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