I say it's the truthWhether it’s for show or plain insecurities, everyone wants to portray the best version of themselves. It’s by right one aspect of our human society that will never fade. And though instigating your best assets is a form for attraction, it can be downright irritating.

Men more than women, are a lot more “braggy” when it comes to the department of flaunting self-importance. Below I have shared a few things men would universally brag about.

5 common things men brag about

1 Their Assets

Letting others know what and how much assets they own is one of the main things that men will often boast about. It sets them apart from other male counterparts to know that they have independently gained valuable materials which “grown men” should possess. These assets often include a house, car and how much money they make, etc.

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2  # of women they’re dating

Men consider themselves highly desirable when they have women fallen at their feet. In the western culture a man is highly commended for his “playa” characteristics/attitude from other male counterparts. So having more than one at any single time is favourable to bluster to friends.

3 Accomplishments

All that a man has done and what he wants to do, plays an important part in a man’s ego. They will frequently commend their own self based on these (sometimes insignificant) details.

4 Being better drivers

The one thing that is universal is that men often consider themselves better drivers as oppose to other males or most times other female drivers.

5 Sex

This of course is not often typical to everyone as not all male go about telling tales of their sexual activities. But some men will brag about sex to their male friends for the purpose of thinking and feeling better about themselves.

There are a lot more things that a male will brag about to other males friends but these are often the common things.

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  1. Can I just say that you are spot on as I also used to boast about all of the above until I realised that my compadres looked down on women and I was feeding their bias with my tales (apart from the driving as I don’t drive). I have always loved women and never dream of treating them as anything less than my superior because they often are. Time to wake up and smell the roses, we’re all here together and many women are far better than us men, they have to work twice as hard to get to the same level as their male opponents. Says more about them than us I think. xo

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